Hosting, Maintenance & Security

The stuff under the hood – one of the most important components of your site. This content might make your eyes glaze over, but thankfully we love this stuff.
Every thing you see on this page is what we use for our own sites.


The computers and network that your site runs on.

  • All sites are hosted on a platform built exclusively to run WordPress (managed hosting). In short this means unrivalled perfomance, reliability and security.
  • Global Content Delivery Network ensures your site assets physically load from a physically nearby location for maximum speed and availability.
  • Server-side caching cuts down on processing and bandwidth requirements to load pages. This is especially helpful for mobile.
  • Intrusion Detection & Layer 7 firewall protects your sites from many application-layer attacks like XSS or cross-site scripting, cross-site forgery, cookie poisoning, file inclusion, and SQL injection, among others.


Ongoing work we do to keep your site in top shape.

  • Constant updates for WordPress core files, all themes and plugins. This is huge for security and ensuring your site always loads in the constantly changing web environment.
  • Sandboxed updates – Never worry if a plugin will break your live e-commerce site – all plugin updates are tested before they’re committed to your live site.
  • Server-side mail logging – Never wonder if your contact forms are working or not. Every site we maintain keeps a record of every form entry and email sent.
  • Email deliverability – We route all emails sent by your site through a service that ensures they don’t end up in spam folders. Very important for e-commerce.
  • Backups. We take backups every time there’s a change on a site – meaning nothing is ever lost, like ever.


    Keeping the bad guys out, ensuring everything is as it seems.

    • Automatic SSL cert provision provides an encrypted tunnel from your site through to your customers. 
    • Full hardening of your website. Unused ports and APIs are blocked which stops attacks before they even begin
    • Author slug obscuring – This prevents bad actors from easily getting their hands on a list of users to your site. 
    • Smart login protection – Every login to your site is checked against a real-time, constantly evolving smart filter that throttles and blocks malicious login attempts.


      Things that don’t fit the categories above.

      • Premium plugin licenses. We maintain agency licenses for a constantly growing suite of tools and plugins, potentially saving you hundreds per month.
      • Cloudflare nameservers. Registrar nameservers have a constant record of going down, making your site inaccessible. Ask us about this, we take care of it for free.
      • Staff dedicated to you. We have awesome support, and we make sure you’re always talking to the same person.
      • Site updates. We don’t just maintain your site, we can work on it too. If it takes us less than 10 minutes, it’s free!

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